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Animating Our World

In 2015 we knew Africa was lagging behind in the 2D animation space and we knew we could play our part in changing that story for the better.

SPOOF ANIMATION was founded with the goal of advancing the animation space in Africa starting from Nigeria. We wanted to build a place that houses the best artists in the animation field and passionate young artist together to achieve unity through collaboration and having lots of fun while doing it. We wanted to tell African stories using animation in a way that has never been done before. We are glad that, now, we are doing it.

We are an excellence oriented Nigerian Media/Animation Studio driven by a talent rich creative team dedicated to making world class Animation contents. One cannot argue with the fact that Africa is loaded with diverse breath-taking talents, this is especially so in the creative arts field. The level playing field created by globalization has to be exploited to help local art professionals play on a global stage by putting out their best into projects that tell unique stories in sensational ways.

The essence of Spoof is to create a corporate embodiment for the best of these local talents for the benefit of their further development, our diverse clients and our even more diverse audience.

Our in-house projects like UNIQUELY ME are created to tell a compelling story of issues in our society in a way every member of the society can relate with. We also take on services for clients in a wide range of multi-media services. We do these while bringing into full effect the brightest of our talents because it's by this we make dreams and ideas come alive in seamless fusion

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